How to write direct speech. Can you use quotation marks correctly?

Do you see not only content but also form when reading a book? Do you notice how the text is divided into paragraphs, how is direct speech written? Try to focus on it occasionally. Thanks to these rules, the text is clear and the reader is more familiar with it.

Direct speech captures the testimony or utterance of one or more speakers. As a rule, it is preceded by an introductory sentence that informs about who is speaking and what his attitudes are. Direct speech is bounded at the beginning by quotation marks at the bottom and at the end by quotation marks at the top. Quotation marks in the form of numbers 99 and 66 are written without spaces.

Now, together, we will go through the basic principles of direct speech writing to acquire and direct your own texts.

The introductory sentence stands for direct speech

As soon as we write the introductory sentence for direct speech, there is never a dot at the end of the direct speech. The dot is replaced by a comma and the lowercase letter will always be at the beginning of the quotation. Direct speech can also end with an exclamation mark or question mark.

The introductory sentence faces direct speech

If we write the introductory sentence before the testimony, we write a colon at its end. Direct speech starts with a capital letter.

Kristyna always runs after me on the street and shouts, “You kid uneducated, you didn’t even tell your dad and mommy sleep, but wait!”

I replied: “This is no invention and I do not want it. Let the horses go together, I will walk with the elephant. ”

The peasant had a whip and shouted, “Well, one secrets, I will give you scare me cattle!”

When I finished my lunch, I said with a strong voice, “Thank you, God, for the gifts,” and Dad looked at his mother and Mum looked at Daddy and looked at each other for a moment.

The introductory sentence stands in the middle of direct speech

Initial speech can also be inserted. In that case, the first part of the direct speech must not end with a period. The inserted leading sentence must start with a lowercase letter and end with a comma.