How to write a commentary as a stylistic feature: when personal opinion is of great importance

The commentary is another of the styles that you should not miss in your preparation for graduation. How to explain this term and how to process it?

What is a comment?

The commentary is one of the stylistic features. The word refers to the Latin “commentarius”, which translates as “diary” or “continuous notes”. When processing a comment, the author comments on a problem that is being addressed. Very often used in journalism. The explanation should be composed of notes and analyzes – factual, professional and personal. It is important to explain the causes and context, then evaluate the situation and base your own opinion on expert arguments.

Don’t confuse commentary and reportage

Unlike a reporter, a commentator simply does not describe an event, but adds a personal opinion to it. It may be a disagreement or disagreement. The commentary may also include language resources that have an emotional color.

Comment Requirements

The commentary should be cultivated and based on facts. A comment cannot be written by anyone who knows nothing about the problem. Knowledge of the field is important as well as the ability to work with resources. Resources that are proven and trustworthy are of great importance. This is an analytical-critical report in which facts and ideas are not lacking. First of all, it is necessary to reveal the background, the causes and consequences of the event we describe. Then the author adds his own view of the subject, and he should recognize the style of a particular author. There is also a signature.

Commentary is not just criticism

If we want to write a good comment, it should not be just a critique. It is good to focus on the description of the reality and at the same time the text should impress. But not aggressiveness. As mentioned, it should be cultivated and the author should be able to handle words and emotions well. It is necessary to separate facts and personal opinions well. The facts are the basis on which the comments are based. At the end of the day, it is like icing on the cake. The whole article is accompanied by photo documentation, but also graphs or tables.

When writing comments, it is therefore most important to find facts that can then be relied upon. It should not go away from the topic, and finally the facts should be supplemented with their own conclusions.

Being able to express your opinion in a sophisticated way and write a comment is not as simple as writing an ordinary answer under the article. But even with them, the fact should be kept and differentiated, what makes sense to state publicly and what is better to send by private message. But a good commentary is nothing with a little practice and practice that could not be done with a little effort.